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You don’t need a learning management system

Finally, a solution your team will actually love to use

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Meet Obie
By Tasytt

The first continuous learning bot built for

Obie can access your company tribal knowledge, deploy processes, and how-to's without leaving your messaging app.

Flows deliver knowledge and information when your team needs it — not all at once.

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Engage Your Teams

Engage Effectively

Build a culture of knowledge sharing from day one by motivating your team to contribute content. Research-backed gamification encourages participation so your team learns faster and everyone helps develop a company-wide knowledge asset.

Powerful Insights

Paperless forms, analytics, and quizzes makes compliance simple.

  • Keep track of assigned flows
  • Find out who read what and for how long
  • Measure quiz performance with insightful reports

Anytime, Anywhere

Everything is in sync as you move between your desktop and mobile device. Robust search means you can quickly refer to company knowledge.

Or on your smartphone

Start sharing knowledge and get everyone up to speed.

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