The Tasytt Story

Bright-eyed and fresh from university, the founders quickly found their naïve enthusiasm sullied by an outdated handbook and an absentee training process. While each founder had different corporate learning experiences, each left them disillusioned and frustrated—existing solutions were convoluted, boring or failed to address day-to-day operations. Chris set out to find a solution. When he discovered none, he rallied the others and together they began to fill the gap.

After countless iterations, Tasytt evolved into a thoughtfully designed platform. Then, in Spring 2016, the team brought Obie to life as a bot, able to answer questions, deliver training and act as a conversational interface for the platform.

The name Tasytt is derived from the word "tacit", used to describe complex knowledge and intangible ideas that are difficult to quantify or exchange.

The Mission

Tasytt's mission is to help companies organize their knowledge and make it universally accessible and useful. We want to make work easier, to help new members get up to speed faster and to foster a culture of knowledge-sharing.

Tasytt Mission

Carolyn Chong

Junior Developer

She has a keen interest for front-end development, with a sharp eye for detail. When not in front of her computer, she enjoys exploring all the jewels of the Canadian outdoors.

Born and bred in Hamilton, Carolyn recently graduated from the Arts & Science Program at McMaster University with a Combined Honours in Computer Science. It's a mouthful, but let's just say she knows a little bit about a lot of different things.

Ravinda Seunath

Co Founder and CXO

He describes himself as an Online Aficionado, a past online student, remote worker, social media junkie, and online shopper! He has a passion for online learning and development, and is an enthusiastic entrepreneur... just living the dream, one Tasytt knowledge book at a time.

Ravinda studied at the University of Windsor/St. Clair College, and graduated with Academic Honors in Business Administration with an HR focus.

Alex Sopinka

Co Founder and CTO

His passion for coding created the backbone for Tasytt. Every day, Alex takes crazy ideas and makes them a reality. He's been programming since he was six years old and wants to create something invaluable. He also really, really likes tacos.

Alex received an honours designation in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, a world-reknowned destination for engineering, with a focus on calculus and astrophysics.

Chris Buttenham

Co Founder and CEO

He describes himself as a "serial entrepreneur" who lives, eats, and breathes business and technology. His passion for automating the onboarding process is at the core of the Tasytt platform. Fascinated with cardistry, he naturally likes poker, and has a general interest in kicking ass and taking names.

Chris holds his degree from Hamilton's prestigious McMaster University in high esteem, where he studied Sociology.

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